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Prosthetics (Premium Dentures all Ivoclar Injected System)

Massad Denture (set-up, process, finish)
Geneva Denture (set-up, process, finish)
Geneva Denture (set-up, wax-up for try in)
Geneva Denture (ivoclar injected finish)
Treatment Denture (intermediate)


Massad Technique with Lingualized Occlusion featuring NFC Teeth



Geneva Denture with Auto Centric Occlusion




Removable Extras


Bite Rim (acrylic base w/wax rim) mounted on Accu-Liner

Bite Rim (acrylic base w/wax rim)

Gothic Arch Tracing (acrylic base with tracer mounted) + E.C.B

Gothic Arch Tracing (acrylic base with tracer mounted) + E.C.B + Neutral Zone

Rebase Reinjected Denture (Ivoclar injected)

Molloplast “B” soft liner (permanent)

Denture Reline

Custom Tray

Wire Reinforcement

Add Tooth to Partial Repair

Repair Denture

Stayplate (1 tooth)

Stayplate (2-5 teeth)

Acrylic Partial (6 teeth or more)

Clasp Wire

TMJ Splint (injected Ivoclar)

Soft Splint


Hader Bar Castings Facial, Hader Bar Castings


Partials Cast Metal Frame (Vitalium)

Vitalium Casting Frame California Unit Count

Partial (set-up, wax-up, try in)

Partial Acrylic (process-finish)

Thermo Clasp


Partial Frameworks


Crown & Bridge

Porcelain Fused to Metal (low fusing)

PFM Porcelain to non-precious

PFM Porcelain fused to semi-precious

PFM Porcelain fused to gold

Maryland Bridge (1 pontic, 2 wings, non-precious)

Porcelain Fused to Metal (high fusing)

PFM IPS Classic to non-precious

PFM IPS Classic to semi-precious

PFM IPS Classic to gold

Metal Occlusion

Metal Rest Survey for Partial Clasp

Fit to Partial

Porcelain Butt Margin

Precious & Non-Precious Full-Cast

Full Cast Crown (non-precious)

Full Cast Crown (semi-precious)

Full Gold Crown

Post Core


Attachment Price Available Upon Request (as treatment needed)

All Ceramic Restoration

IPS Empress

IPS Empress (internal color build-up, layering technique)

IPS Empress Eris

IPS Empress In-Lay’s, On-Lay’s

IPS Empress Veneer Esthetic (build up)

Diagnostic Wax-Up

Lava (internal color build-up, layering technique)


Single Unit Esthetics


Lava Super Structure


Lava Metal-Free Crowns


Porcelain Veneers



PFM Implant Direct Cement

PFM Implant Indirect (Retrievable)

Soft Tissue

Hader Bar Casting (2-3 implants)

Hader Bar Casting (3-6 implants)

Attachment Extra as Needed Upon Request

Treatment Planning on Combination Cases Available Upon Request


4 Non-Parallel Implants


Super Structure over 4 Implants Try-In


2 Implant Hader Bar with ERA Attachment


Maxillary Metal Substructure over 4 Implants


5 Implant Hybrid


5 Implant Hybrid Try-in


5 Implant Hybrid Try-In NFC


Supplies & Related Products


Accu-Dent System I Impression System

Accu-Dent System II (partially edentulous) Impression System

Alameter (al-ala measuring device)

Papillameter (measuring device)

Lip Ruler (measuring device)

Rim Former


Turnaround Time

Crowns & Bridges:
7-10 Business day’s in Lab (weekends and holiday’s excluded)


Partials Casting Frames:
7 Business day’s


Partials & Acrylic Work Complete:
10 Business day’s in lab


Intra-Oral Mounting Tracer E.C.B:
4 Business day’s in lab


Bite Rims:
3 Business day’s in lab


Denture Set-Up, Wax-Up, Try In:
4 Business day’s in lab


Denture Process & Finish:
4 Business day’s in lab


Immediates Set-Up, process & Finish:
5 Business day’s in lab



For More Information Please Call:

1-800-959-7033 or (916) 966-2300